How To Identify Food Addiction And What To Do About It

Published: 02nd April 2012
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Foodstuff addiction is damaging for your health and like all other kinds of dependency it can make life dismal.

4 Signals That You've Got A Food Compulsion Issue:

1)You demand poor fat or sugary foods and liquids.
2)Over eating these foods makes you feel good.
3)Perhaps the scent of those foods lifts your spirits.
4)You have gained unwanted weight because you eat way too many unhealthy foods or drinks.

What May Cause Food Dependency?

As indicated by researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory, chronically overweight individuals have a lesser number of dopamine recievers. A reduction in dopamine receptors is linked to things such as tension, insufficient daylight, depression, and nervousness.

In the same way addicts of drugs and alcohol need their fix to make them feel happy, foodstuff addicts hunger for certain sugary and fatty foods.

The good news is it's possible to beat your foodstuff addiction by naturally increasing the volume of dopamine receptors you have, together with increasing dopamine levels.

Methods To Raise Dopamine Levels & Overcome Food Addiction:

At this time there aren't medicines available to increase dopamine levels. However it is possible to raise them by natural means. The five optimum approaches are exercising, diet plan, music and songs, natural light, and fun pursuits. It is far better to use a combination of these ways starting with exercising.

Physical Exercise:

If you're dependent on harmful food owing to reduced dopamine levels, it is essential that you start an exercise program. Although the other strategies enhance dopamine levels also, they're just nowhere near as successful as exercising. In addition, frequent exercise not merely will increase your dopamine quantities, additionally, it builds fresh dopamine receptors.

For anyone who is overweight because of your obsession, you really should start a light exercise routine and build on it gradually. It is extremely important to pick out a plan which does not bore you to tears, and that works out your whole body. If you don't have the self esteem to visit to the fitness center or take part in a sports activity, it's worth considering a home exercise regime.

Any training course that exercises most or all of your muscle groups will provide the greatest rise in dopamine levels. As an example, using Tony Horton's p90x workout schedule resullts in super fast benefits. The reason being that this particular program uses most or all of your muscles as well as varies the intensity. Dopamine responds more positively to an element of surprise. The very same element of surprise is also considered to be the reason for rising dopamine levels when you listen to music.

If you intent to setting up a home gym "the easy way", don't forget to take a look at my bowflex dumbbell reviews where you'll find out how one set of adjustable dumbbells is plenty for your entire home gym!


Just hearing good music can easily improve your dopamine levels noticeably. Studies by McGill University in Montreal showed a 9% increase in dopamine levels of volunteers when they were listening to music they enjoyed. The greatest responses were with classical music, jazz, rock as well as some popular music.

Eating Routine:

Altering what you eat will raise dopamine levels and will help to improve your mood, if executed the right way. Get rid of refined food, carbonated drinks, or any additional products which have excitotoxins. They cause harm to the brain and your central nervous system and can also induce depression. Substitute all these dangerous foods and drinks with well balanced meals that enhance dopamine levels. Some of these dopamine improving foods include:

Cottage Cheese
Different Kinds Of Beans
Brown Rice
Leafy Green Vegetables
Pumpkin Seeds


Seeking out for a bit of all natural sun light every day increases your dopamine concentrations and your serotonin levels. It's important to have a solid harmony of dopamine and serotonin, because serotonin evens out your mood and enables you to rest. If it is not feasible, it can be worth getting a light box. Light boxes are widely available on-line and replicate natural sun light.


In case you don't devote some time doing fun things you enjoy, try and set aside some time for them. Undertaking activities that provide you joy immediately increases dopamine levels. It isn't difficult to introduce these dopamine boosters in to your life, and if you've got a food obsession the health benefits are worth it. For a bonus, you'll become more fit and healthier and reduce the additional pounds you put on during your dependency.


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