The Wii Udraw Tablet: Advantages And Disadvantages

Published: 02nd May 2012
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The Wii Udraw tablet has attracted a lot of interest in recent months, and has demonstrated to be a popular gift option for some Nintendo fans. This wireless network sketching device is perceived by a lot of people as the next phase in sketching and painting. Sure, it makes artistic expression a portable experience that does not rely on the purchase of paints and crayons. This article will quickly summarize some of the main opinions on the device, highlighting its disadvantages and benefits.

How Does It Look?

The tablet looks user-friendly. It is white in color, and rather chubby in appearance, giving it the look of a Fisher-Price toy. Users have nevertheless responded well to this design, noting that it is very easy to hold and handle. This is despite the fact that it feel heavier than it otherwise should.

Will It Make A Nice Gift?

This tablet has proven to be more popular with children than adults. Its child-friendly appearance may have something to do with it. It may also be the wide selection of crayon, pencil, pen and paint options. These have inspired children to engage in creative activities, and have shown to be a welcome alternative to more passive forms of entertainment.

Who Will Use It?

Parents, and indeed, the whole family, can also play a role in Udraw. It also comes with Pictionary, which allows more than one person to use it. This addition has received some of the most popular comments so far. Users have been satisfied with the ways this Pictionary addition encourages a fun-filled, interactive drawing experience.

Any Problems?

Some reviewers have stated that this pad is better suited to people with background in art and graphic design. They feel that the tablet should also offer some tutorials about design skills. These would benefit people with limited artistic talent. The act of using the touch screen and the stylus is also a difficult task when starting out. This is because of the slight delay that occurs between the physical swish of the wrist, and the mark of the stylus on the screen. This can be a bit disorienting and frustrating for beginners.

Is It Suitable For The Serious Gamer?

Mr Dood's Big Adventure is another game that is included in this product. This game allows the user to draw his or her own character, and use it as an avatar. The world in which Mr. Dood travels is also designed by the user. This is a good game for people who have a bit of drawing experience, and want to try their hand game design. Nevertheless, users have said that it is not the most stimulating game, and that controlling the avatar is a bit too difficult.

What About Options?

The wide selection of colors offered by this device is highly attractive. There are also many different tasks to adopt that challenge one's drawing skills. These tasks are designed to suit different aptitudes in drawing and painting.

Any Tutorials To Help?

There are also some tutorials on the tablet that can be followed. These tutorials expose the user to the full range of what the tablet is capable. They are indispensable when searching for the most fulfilling Wii Udraw experience. This product can function as a great gift for a child who has expressed enthusiasm for art, as well as for people who are interested in exploring a new mode of creative expression.


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